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The Whisky List


The Whisky List is Australia’s online home for whisky. Since launching in 2018, The Whisky List has worked with retailers, brands and distilleries to give Australians the best experience possible on their whisky journey.



Software Engineering | Cloud Platform Engineering | Customer Experience Strategy



The Whisky List was seeking to build a mobile application focused primarily on upcoming events. The primary goal of the application was customer acquisition, so that the Whisky List could expands its user base to grow as a business.


Argenti created an application displaying all whisky brands and bottles at targeted events. The application was available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store within 5 weeks of the project kick-off. The application was built integrated with backend cloud-based API services that were built by Argenti to store details of users, events, stands and products.


The Whisky List was extremely satisfied with the mobile application that Argenti delivered. The applications received very favourable online reviews, and currently has an App Store rating of 4.6 stars (the average for business apps is 3.5). Additional projects have since been undertaken between Argenti and The Whisky List due to this success.

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