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Argenti is specializing in APIs and Integration, and offers independent API Security Audits.

A major telecom provider in Australia experienced a data breach in September 2022 exposing millions of customer records. 


It faces enormous brand damage, regulatory fines, legal challenges, and financial losses.

Could your organization be exposed?


Independent Security API Audit


These audits cover, the API software infrastructure and integration architecture. Recommendations will cover API standards and governance, delivery in production and test environments, DevOps, security measures protecting unauthorized access, authentication, authorization, unique identifiers, and rate limiting.


The consulting engagement will deliver two reports. The first report can be presented to the board and used in case of data exposures. The second report contains recommendations for remediation of area’s that do not follow best engineering practices and are not secure.

If you like to reduce the risk of exposure please contact us via


(02) 9018 1037

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