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Argenti is specializing in Integration and offers Integration Maturity Assessment.

Integration as Business Differentiator


Integration is key to the success of your organization. Integration links systems and facilitates data and information exchange that underpins business processes and allows for automation and fast paced integration.


If integration works well, it can give your business a competitive advantage.



Integration Maturity Assessment

Your organization should try to achieve a high integration maturity.

Alternatively, if your integration maturity is low then your system complexity is high. IT solutions become tactical, not reusable, difficult to maintain, not secure and very costly. This can lead to data breaches and enormous damage to your business.


The consulting engagement will deliver a Integration Maturity Assessment that will set a benchmark against which you can measure improvements that you are making.

The assessment will deliver industry and best practices-based ratings.


If you like to reduce the risk of exposure please contact us via


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