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Youth Law Australia

Youth Law Australia (YLA) is an amazing organisation providing an extremely important service to young people in Australia.


YLA is a specialist children’s and youth Community Legal Centre, providing high quality, free and confidential legal assistance services to children, young people and their advocates in all areas of the law. 


YLA is a technology-enabled service that ensures children and young people have 24/7 access to justice and legal remedies and advice on their legal rights from anywhere in Australia.

Case Study - 15 year old asking about Image Based Abuse, 2020


"So, a guy added me on social media. We got to talking and eventually, he sent me a naked pic. I asked how old he was and he said he was 16. He asked me for a pic and I sent him one. I realised it was a huge mistake and ended up deleting him. I added him again and he sent another pic. He asked me to send more pics and I said I didn’t want to. He then told me that he screenshotted my pictures and that he’d send them around my school. I tried to talk to him but now he’s not answering and I’m really anxious and worried. Will I get into trouble or a criminal record? Will it impact me getting a job in the future?? I really don’t know what age he is. Please help me I’m so scared what should I do?" 


"Thank you, everyone, for helping me out. I’m crying of happiness because of now I know I won’t get into trouble. I can’t thank you enough for everything. I feel a lot better now that I’ve contacted people that can help. You guys are lifesavers. Thank you guys so much."


Case Study - 16 year old asking about moving out of home, 2019


"Hey, I’m Nath and I’m 16. I’m currently living with my mum and I’m not happy. She always yells at me and tells me that she doesn’t want me there. I’m just enquiring on whether I can move out and live with a mate who is willing to have me and if she can stop that from happening? I feel sad every day, I get anxious because I don’t know what she is going to yell at me for next and overall not happy, so can I leave without her consent? Please answer."  Nath, 16 years old.


“Hello, Thank you so much for your response and all your help. I really appreciate it! Thanks for having this free service available for young people.”

Argenti had the privilege of building ICT platform for YLA, known as ‘Lawmail’. Lawmail allows young people to complete an online form to submit a request for free legal advice We also built the case management platform to record and track these requests for YLA’s internal use and for reporting to federal bodies for funding.

If you, like us, believe in supporting young Australians in need, please visit their website and make a donation – any size donation is helpful.

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