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Online System - NSW Government


A large department of the Government of New South Wales, responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of multiple programs, information, and activities to a diverse range of communities across the state.



To assist an established internal team of IT professionals design, develop and deliver a complex online registration system that would ultimately be replicated across multiple websites to make online registrations and program enrolments easier, faster, and more efficient for all stakeholders.


The first part of the challenge was integrating two senior Argenti software engineers into an established client team and building trust, before tackling what had become on obvious second part of the challenge – a front-end design issue that Argenti believed need to be corrected before the project was able to proceed successfully.

From the outset the Argenti consultants were very aware of the hard work that had gone into the design and development of the existing system. They were determined to build a respectful collaboration with the client’s team, while fearlessly putting their recommendations forward for ways in which systems and processes could be improved. Taking the lead, both Argenti’s highly experienced consultants set about charting a way forward and pathway to completion – including running workshops to improve coding standards and upskilling the team on ways of working more effectively and efficiently.


The client accepted Argenti’s recommendations to solve and correct problems with the front-end architecture. The issues were unravelled and redesigned over a two-week period before the project moved forward. 

“It’s called ‘technical debt’ – something that needs to be fixed, but isn’t necessarily broken,” Argenti’s Senior Software Engineer explained. “Putting off fixing an underlying problem like the one we encountered, literally accrues ‘debt’ and ultimately requires more time and attention (like debt) to solve or ‘pay down’,” he said.

After a small restructure of the client’s team, the project proceeded in a seamless and smooth way, with Argenti’s design changes making the project much more enjoyable for all involved to work on. The result was a more durable and ultimately sustainable solution. Users reported a favourable experience with the system and stakeholders have said that it is fast and very efficient.



  • Provision of two highly experienced software engineers and a solutions designer.

  • A fresh look and practical ‘real-world’ solutions for a complex, multi-layered project

  • A quick assessment of priorities and analysis of what was needed to progress the project

  • Introduction of new efficiencies and a clear pathway to delivery

  • Understanding and respect for the work already completed, whilst fearlessly recommending essential changes that were needed to fix ‘technical debt’ problems

  • An internal client team that felt valued, encouraged, and upskilled

  • Leadership that resulted in an optimised business outcome for the client and its stakeholders.

“We always look for, and value different skills and abilities in any team we work with,” Argenti’s Senior Software Engineer said. “With this project it was a matter of bringing everyone together, assessing what was needed and then laying out a clear pathway to completion, in the best possible way.”

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